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Electronic reporting in Austria

On behalf of the Supreme Navigation Authority (OSB) of BMVIT, viadonau operates a portal to manage transport reports by electronic means within the scope of its duties for the operation of River Information Services and therefore offers an attractive opportunity to current practice of reporting by means of fax or email.

An authorized user can create electronic transport reports for all vessels allocated to its account via the DoRIS Portal and submit the transport report to competent authorities and moreover disclose to third parties.

Dangerous goods reporting

Any transport of dangerous goods on Austrian waterways has to be reported to the lock supervision containing specific vessel, cargo and voyage related information in accordance with the provisions of Waterways Traffic Regulations §8.02, para. 1 and the ADN.

The reporting form for dangerous goods reporting can be downloaded here:

  • Reporting form for dangerous goods 2015:

Statistical reporting

The statistics form for vessels in freight transport has to be filled out by all vessels transiting the Austrian waterway Danube. The legal basis for the survey of Inland Waterway Statistics in Austria is the national regulation BGBI. II Nr. 129/2005.

The statistics form and additional information can be downloaded here:

  • Statistics form:
  • Information about statistics 2012:  

More detailed information of the inland waterway transport survey is available on the website of Statistik Austria.

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