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Electronic reporting of dangerous goods in Austria

Any transport of dangerous goods on Austrian waterways has to be reported to the lock supervision containing specific vessel, cargo and voyage related information in accordance with the provisions of Waterways Traffic Regulations §8.02, para. 1 and the ADN.

On behalf of the Supreme Navigation Authority (OSB) of BMVIT, viadonau operates a portal to manage transport reports of dangerous goods by electronic means within the scope of its duties for the operation of River Information Services and therefore offers an attractive alternative to current practice of reporting by means of fax or email.

An authorized user can create electronic transport reports for all vessels allocated to its account via this web portal and submit the transport report to competent authorities and moreover disclose to third parties.

The functions of the portal offer following benefits:

  • New transport reports can be easily created and published to competent authorities in a user-friendly way.
  • It is possible to determine whether the transport report will automatically be forwarded to the responsible authorities of the next country along the route preventing the skipper or fleet operator from having to report again after border crossing. At the moment, transport reports can be exchanged with the Slovak Republic.
  • Templates for transport reports can be saved to avoid reentering of consistent information for future transport reports.
  • Actual and closed transport reports (these reports can also be used as a template) and their history are provided in an overview.
  • The transport reports can always be viewed by the related user who is also able to forward these reports by e-mail in various formats, each in German and English language available.
  • In case of an accident, information on dangerous goods and the number of persons on board can be made available to the emergency service providers immediately together with a tactical traffic image of the accident area.
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